Every business has a story…

Each begins with an idea, a way to do or provide something better.

Valeo came about when founding partner James Hutto saw businesses struggling with producing results with Internet marketing after spending small fortunes to create dynamic and eye-catching websites.

Having a swanky website was just the first step.  It didn’t amount to much if it didn’t attract traffic, nurture leads, or convert prospects into buying customers.

Our solution: combine a web design firm with an IT company to create a talented team with uniquely acquired skill sets who speaks the language of our clients.

The result: natural leaders and trend setters, who have been helping businesses achieve remarkable results online since 2005.

When you hire us, you’re not buying prestige, fancy furniture, or self-effacing phrases like “full-service.” You’re buying how we think, and the wide variety of skill sets that allow us to develop solutions that leave web design firms scratching their heads.

We could easily enumerate a giant list of the various services we provide, but we would rather show you case studies so you can see what we’ve actually done.

One example is generating a 1524% increase in search engine traffic that resulted in 3100% increase in new leads over a 9-month period. Those results are why our clients love us, and why you don’t want us working for your competition!

The quality of our people is what makes our team great. You can find out more about them as well.

Get in touch for a free 30-minute consultation with Valeo!

Overall, fantastic. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a creative, thoughtful and professional team.”

Kristi Bruno
Social Media Specialist
American College of Chest Physicians

Valeo has proven itself to be a valued partner on several successful projects. Not only does James and his staff work hard to accomplish our online marketing objectives, but they also assist us in developing solutions when we have new opportunities.

Laura Pickens
Vice President of Marketing/PR
St. Bernards Healthcare

We consider the Valeo one of our most valued resources. I would hate for us to have to do business these days without them!”

Don Hutson
CEO & Best Selling Author
U.S. Learning

Valeo’s innovative designs, creative solutions, implementation of social media, and adherence to timelines and budgets enabled the Foundation to launch a new brand and to expand our marketing efforts and fundraising programs.”

Marilyn Lederer, CPA
Executive Director
The CHEST Foundation

I am so impressed with Valeo’s insight into my business. They brought a mighty paradigm shift to me and how I market my company.”

Jerry Copeland, Owner
Copeland Estate Sales

Advertising and marketing are more challenging in today’s tech savvy world. James Hutto and his team of strategist, designers and writers understand that technology and can get you the exposure you need.”

Tom Shelton
Shelton Clothiers

I have worked with the team at Valeo for over four years and have been extremely impressed with their knowledge, attention to detail and responsiveness.”

Mike Calvert
Secretary, Treasurer
Sales & Marketing Society of the Mid-South

Valeo’s experience, knowledge and flexibility have provided us with communications materials of various types that have helped us strength our relationships with existing clients, and add new ones.”

George Lucas, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President
U.S. Learning