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We already know your pain points…

Nonprofit organizations have to work harder than ever to make an emotional connection that engages members, donors and volunteers. Standing out on the Internet is tough, but you’re in luck – because our expertise IS nonprofit internet marketing!

Valeo offers a full spectrum of services designed to propel your nonprofit’s internet marketing activities and enhance your funding practices. Corporations use these methods to realize increased sales and profits, Valeo has taken these tools and customized them to fit the nonprofit sphere. We are not here to change the world, but we can certainly help you to do it!

Connect with Valeo for a free, 30-minute consultation via phone or Skype."Overall, fantastic! I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a creative, thoughtful, and professional team." - Kristi Bruno, Social Media Specialist, American College of Chest Physicians

Online giving trends for charities (chart)What you may be up against…

  • You are competing for the same dollars and attention with many other nonprofits and note-worthy causes; standing out is fundamental to ensuring sustained support for your agency.
  • Successful nonprofits have a highly engaged supporting community; it  is crucial to cultivate and maintain those relationships for continued giving.
  • Many nonprofits are also not effectively using their website to build membership, accept donations, and create awareness
  • If you’re not telling your story, then who is?

nonprofit online marketing statistics

Our solutions are…

  • Turn key, comprehensive – start today, get underway tomorrow!
  • Based on experience – we’ve worked with nonprofit organizations both large and small; we’ve got loads of quantifiable successes. We follow the tech so you don’t have to!
  • Economical – we know how to work inside of a limited budget; tell us your needs and we will offer you the most cost-effective recommendations to nurture the ever-increasingly crucial online presence.
  • Sustainable – our strategies are designed for long-term growth to maximize your nonprofit’s online marketing potential.
  • Analytic – consistent analysis of marketing activities will keep your plan on track and productive.
  • A collaboration – we fill in the gaps between what you have and what you need, empowering your team and growing your audience at the same time.
  • Evolving – let us get you set up with as much momentum as possible to propel you into the future of ever-changing trends and technology.
Test drive our knowledge with... 7 Steps to Powerful and Effective Social Media for Nonprofits

We make our clients stand out among millions... on the Internet!


Our services are not for you if:

  • You aren’t convinced that everyone uses the internet for everything now
  • You think online marketing only means building a static website
  • You aren’t ready to invest in a long-term marketing solution focused on growth
  • You aren’t prepared to partner with a marketing company to design unique, innovative strategies custom to your nonprofit’s needs


"Valeo has proven itself to be a valued partner on several successful projects. Not only does James and his staff work hard to accomplish our online marketing objectives, but they also assist us in developing solutions when we have opportunities." - Laura Pickens, VP of Marketing & PR, St. Bernard's Healthcare


You CAN choose Valeo to propel your nonprofit's online marketing success!

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How we work

  • Engaging us as your online agency brings the entire firm’s resources to bear on your cause.
  • Retainer-based. We work with you to define a project plan that best utilizes your resources and ours.
  • We work closely with our clients.  We want to become a fully integrated extension of your team.   The closer we become, the faster we can deliver results.
  • Introductory packages available!

Valeo’s Custom Nonprofit Marketing Services

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Streamline for Ease of Giving

You need a reliable, secure system in place to ensure your funding dollars are consistently available allowing you to deliver vital services to your clients. Don’t spend valuable man-hours processing donations by hand, rather allow us to customize to your needs for automated giving. We can even help you design a recurring donation system, making it easy and simple to support your cause regularly.

Do you have any fresh, innovative approaches to revenue-generating activities? Perhaps you offer promotional, fundraising products that you can offer in an online store; product development guidance is available. We at Valeo have worked with many corporate clients in this regard, we have diverse experience eCommerce and can provide you with the very best fit for your organization.


Make Your Cause Stand Out.. Among Millions!

Showcase your nonprofit with a freshly-optimized site to highlight your cause and fundraising efforts. We will provide you with a donor-friendly design, social sharability, and even train your team for back-end use. Whether it’s a brand new design or you need to freshen up an established site, our web development team has years of experience in creating websites specifically for nonprofits with powerful, search-engine-friendly structure and functionality.  We work closely with clients to ensure that our designs meet exact specifications. We know you need to save time and money when it comes to your nonprofit, so we will build a website that you can easily manage by yourself without having to hire expensive developers down the road to maintain it.

Our Content Management Solutions are tailored to the specific business requirements of each customer; literally turn-key and ready to go upon delivery. We focus on setting up low-cost, easy to use systems, built on open source platforms like WordPress and Joomla. Open source saves you time and money, and using existing plug-ins means we don’t have to build your website’s functionality from scratch. The bottom line: you need a cost effective solution to site maintenance. Why not empower yourself with a website as dynamic as your nonprofit?


Broadcast Your Message, Net More Potential Donors

Content Marketing is not just a trend. Not only is it a great way to raise awareness for you cause, it can actually increase the size of your audience, giving you more individuals to solicit for support. Content marketing seeks to build a trust-based relationship with an audience. By creating easily-consumed content of value, the audience becomes more aware of and loyal to your cause; more willing to take action to support your nonprofit when you are ready to ask.

Consumers behave differently, they choose to support causes based on online presence. This opens up the market so wide, many smaller nonprofits have a real shot at growing a national or even global audience based on inbound marketing. We understand how online audiences consume information, now let us put those concepts to work for you with customized content strategies and calendars to keep you on track. Too busy servicing your clients to put out a regular blog? Not enough time to put together an eBook or solicit and craft quality testimonials? Ready for your site copy to be refreshed or updated? We have you covered! Go and do the advocacy work that you need to do while Valeo manages engaging your donors on all the great programs and activities you are realizing.



Social Engagement to Build Lists.. and Trust

Imagine social media not only demystified, but custom fit to your nonprofit’s unique marketing strategy! The ever-evolving landscape of social media can be difficult to navigate. Here at Valeo, we watch the trends and tech in so you don’t have to skip a beat broadcasting your message to rally support around your nonprofit organization.

The grassroots nature of social media is primed for nonprofits; engaging your audience on a personal level builds trust and increases the likelihood they will give. For instance, in 2012, viral activity on Facebook fanpages for nonprofits was upwards of 32%. What that means is one-third of all new audience members were introduced to a nonprofit via an organic share. Information now flows over networks of individuals who make choices everyday to ignore the things that don’t appeal to them and share what does.

Valeo can give your nonproft the competitive edge needed to maximize social media activities to raise awareness, build lists, and drive traffic to your website. Increased traffic widens your audience of potential supporters, engagement gives you repeated opportunities to ask them to join your cause.



Generate Multiple Streams of Income

There are some great ways to generate extra income, adding value to your online marketing that is often overlooked. Affiliate relationships can be profitable with both increased commissions and in some cases, exposure to new audiences. Let Valeo monetize your site for maximum inbound revenue.



Forums and Virtual Communities to Bring you Closer to Your Audience

The nature of service lends to a sense of shared communal experiences of giving and sharing. Nonprofits in general tend to draw people in even closer with shared beliefs for making positive change in the world.  If you find your active audience has grown and you found a need for an online community to expand your platform of communication or perhaps you would like to offer your clients an online support center for services or resources, then an online community may be the right choice for you.

No matter what, online communities are a great way to not only keep your current members engaged but also build a sense of ownership for your nonprofit and those involved in its success. This can have a positive impact on the level of support your organization experiences for years to come.



Nurturing Your Donors… Rebooted

In 2012, 35% of online giving came through email marketing sources, up 20% from 2011 (source: eBenchmarks Study 2012, sponsored by M+R Research Labs and Nonprofit Technology Network). Let us put our expertise designing corporate sales funnels to work for you. This approach is highly-effective with for-profit organizations and we have adapted that design to make it pay off for our nonprofit clientele. Email marketing allows you to streamline your communications via segmenting your contacts database, nurturing audience members into small donors… And small donors into large ones.

We understand your contact lists are vital to raising awareness for your cause and ultimately securing funding. We know nurturing and qualifying potential large-scale donors is time-consuming and doesn’t always generate revenue. We can show you the best ways to streamline your activities to get the most out of each communication to those individuals that keep your nonprofit alive. We will create a custom plan as unique as your mission to get you on the path to creating a robust and profitable contacts list then show you the best ways to prime them for maximum donation potential!

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We've had the pleasure of working with them for the last year, marketing four of their Graduate programs online in order to boost their attendance. We prepared a multifaceted approach, which included search engine marketing, email marketing, and SEO.

P.S. – We only take on a limited number of nonprofits at any one time because we work hands-on with your account through the entire campaign. We are always accountable to you and meet with you weekly to inform you of where things stand, give updates, and receive your feedback.

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