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Google has become the Yellow Pages of the 21st Century and 1 out of 12 humans have a Facebook account. We can change you from “one of many” to “the one people know.”

If you’re like the multitude of other businesses trying to make a splash on the Internet by “seeing what sticks,” you need our help.

Having a successful Internet marketing strategy is about more than knowing what those often used acronyms mean (like SEO, SEM, PPC). It’s about knowing the ins and outs of the digital world, creating a customized game plan, and measuring the outcomes.

Marketing without measuring the results benefits no one, least of all your business. Let us take the reins of your Internet marketing campaigns, to show you just how far you can go in realizing your goals.

Internet Marketing Packages

Internet Marketing Services:

SEO: Get Found in Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) encompasses the various tactics and strategies employed to make a website rank in top positions for selected keywords in search engines.

A huge majority of web traffic comes from search engines, and we know how to optimize your site to maximize your ranking with Google, Bing and Yahoo. We focus on both on-site content optimization as well as off-site link building, and we’ll analyze the results in almost real time to make sure you’re getting noticed.

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PPC Management for Online Advertising Campaigns

Online Advertising is a short-term strategy that uses pay-per-click ads (PPC) to drive traffic to your site. If you want to be visible on search engines right now, PPC ads are they way to go.

We’ll help you budget for and implement an effective campaign that will help get you noticed, quickly.

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Social Media Marketing: Word of Mouth in the Internet Age

Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is a wide-sweeping term that relates to the various strategies and tactics used on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In today’s connected world, Tweets, status updates, shares and comments are the new channels for “Word of Mouth” advertising.

Social Media keeps your brand in the conversation, and is the most successful when you identify the people who will most likely engage and interact with your business or organization. We’ll tailor your SMM to build your social media reach, and monitor the results to see exactly what works for you.

61% of small business owners user social media to identify and attract new customers

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Email Marketing that Segments, Targets, and Positions

In spite of the large amount of marketing messages that we all get on a daily basis, email marketing is still incredibly effective way to directly connect with your audience and accomplish a wide variety of goals. Email marketing entails sending out newsletters, specials, and other content to users who opt-in for your email list.

We can help you build a targeted list of contacts, and develop a quality, effective e-mail campaign that goes beyond the typical “spam” messages that are often ignored. We’ll also measure the results of each email campaign, and make adjustments to ensure you maximize your e-mail potential.

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Tell your Story with Content Marketing

In the world of online marketing, content is king. The primary source of information that your audience has to judge you by is the content that they find about you online. Content marketing is a strategic effort that places content all over the web to better tell your story, and we understand what works and what doesn’t.Our copywriting team will work to create content that effectively gets your message out, while getting your website noticed.

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Spread your content using Online PR

If you think that media outlets still get their information from “the wire” like the old days, then we have news for you! They are using the Internet just like everyone else. Online PR is similar to content marketing, except that the articles that we develop will be submitted to various online Press Release sites that other news sites mine for stories.

This is an incredibly effective way to distribute information about your services, new products, store openings, and much more.




“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

Our mantra was written by Lord Kelvin nearly 200 years ago, and this is the core of what we do: Measure. Analyze. Improve.

Fortunately, the Internet offers the MOST measurable forms of marketing and advertising in existence. We can see in almost real-time what is working and what is not. That high level of measurability allows us to continually optimize our efforts, always driving incremental improvements. We send our clients customized monthly reports that show their site’s monthly progress on search engine rankings, social media interactions and more. We have weekly check-in calls, and also meet with our clients every 90 days to recap our progress and plan for the future.
Analysis & Reporting

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Don’t just read what we SAY we can do. Judge us by by what we’ve DONE for other clients.

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