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How Can Nonprofits Raise Cause Awareness Through Social Media

Getting the message out for your nonprofit takes strategy, measurement, and keen analysis of how each type of effort is performing (or not).  Traditional methods of outreach such as printed mailers, telemarketing, and TV or radio spots may still be used in some instances.  The social media revolution, however, has turned everything about traditional outreach […]

Do Nonprofits Need Both Social Media and Email Marketing? Part One

Nonprofits are resourceful by nature, many times doing more with less.  Each person actually working for a nonprofit organization can wear a multitude of hats, in related or non-related roles, depending on what is required and what resources are available.  It’s this philosophy that frequently finds nonprofits weighing their options in terms of digital outreach […]

The Best Social Media Sites for Nonprofits

Whether your nonprofit is just squeaking by with a very modest budget or has thousands of dollars at its disposal, social media and charitable organizations were made for each other. Attracting, engaging, and moving people to action are critical for nonprofits and their mission to make a tangible difference in society. With social media, the […]