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{Infographic} Higher Education and the Interwebs: A Love Story

Teachers around the globe are settling into swanky digital offices and their door is literally always open. How is this possible you ask? Social media! Social media is progressively becoming the new norm within the higher education realm. By creating a public social media account on Facebook, a handful of teachers are making themselves available […]

{Infographic} How Much Do Nonprofits Invest in Social Media?

Social media is a deliciously hypnotic networking tool. It’s exactly what our society of go-getters desire: a clever opener, an idea, and a call to action combined in one post (preferably under 140 characters). Yet some nonprofit organizations are still on the fence about implementing social media as part of their marketing strategy. According to […]

{Video} The Value of a Higher Education

During our childhood, we considered our future employment options from the get-go. Don’t believe us? Looking at your own children or thinking back to your own childhood, you probably nursed dreams of becoming a mighty wizard or a cowboy-astronaut-lizard farmer. As our children grow older, we start noticing these dreams become less fictitious and more […]

{Infographic} How Universities are Spending Your Tuition Money

Tuition (too-ish-uhn) n. : A dreaded term capable of producing shivers up even the most courageous parent’s/student’s spine; also known as the ‘Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Spoken’ In recent years, a lack of government subsidy to our higher education institutions have forced schools to compensate by upping tuition costs. Rising costs inevitably lead to the question “Where exactly is […]