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How Google Analytics Keyword Data Affects Marketing

In October, Google announced they were going to start encrypting search results for anyone logged into their Google account. This means that their search queries won’t show up in analytics as they have in the past, but instead are now displayed as Google Analytics Keyword (not provided). This has created a huge hole in a […]

Small Business Local SEO Guide

Small Business Local SEO is more important than ever. Local Searches (with geo-modifiers) now take up a full 20% of all searches performed on the internet. That’s over 3 billion searches each month that use a local term like a city name or region. That doesn’t even count localized results for generic terms like “plumber.” […]

Getting Started with Content Marketing

We’ve been talking a lot about getting started with content marketing lately and with good reason. It’s got great long-term ROI. It’s compelling and taps in to our fundamental human desires. We even gave you a step-by-step guide to getting started. But maybe you’re still overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. Content marketing is a […]