{Infographic} The Higher Ed Outreach Conundrum: Digital vs Traditional

As a higher education institution, we know you have it rough when it comes to fully embracing the internet. Do you finally release your white-knuckled grip on traditional communication methods, such as printed newsletters and magazines, to take full advantage of social media and email? Or can you find a way to please everyone? If […]

{Infographic} Why Online Marketing is a Big Deal for Nonprofits

In the process of researching today’s infographic post, I stumbled upon this list of 7 Wonderfully Wacky Charities. I called my husband over, forcing him to bask in the glow of hilarity this compilation was sure to offer. We hungrily read each article, searching for some comedic line or tidbit to punch us right in […]

Why Small Nonprofits SHOULD Conduct Donor Research

Plan on holding a fundraiser soon? Sweet! We know you have a grasp on writing compelling email appeals to your current donors. But how are you on locating and cultivating new potential donors? This is where donor research comes in. We think Alfred A. Blum, Director of Institutional Advancement at Boston College Law School, said […]