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Let’s Celebrate! Valeo Is a SharpSpring Partner

We love marketing automation, and not just because we’re geeks who love to play around with awesome systems. We love what marketing automation has done for email nurturing, and how it’s changing the way marketers think about who their customers are and what they need. And we’re not the only ones. Marketo & Ascend2 noted […]

4 Easy Steps for Local Optimization for Universities in the Known Universe

Local optimization for colleges and universities is so important. Focusing on “local” in the online world is very helpful because it helps smaller schools more easily compete with larger ones and reach their audiences. Are you wondering what to do to improve the local optimization for your college or university? Check out the four ways below, adapted from Inkling […]

Why Your Alumni Outreach Should Market Tasty Content

My alma mater—particularly its Alumni Association—seems to spend a fair amount of time calling me, and I spend a lot of time avoiding those calls. I’ll tell you right now that it isn’t because I have no interest in supporting my school, either by donating money or attending events. I just really hate cold calls.

What We’ve Learned in 10 Years

It’s our birthday! This month, Valeo celebrates 10 years on this planet, and we couldn’t be happier. Like any agile company, we’ve had moments of great success and moments of not such great success. There have been some of those cloud-parting moments that have allowed us to really amp up the value we offer our […]