{Infographic} 6 Ways Nonprofits Can Increase Their Fundraising Efforts

When you hold fundraisers, are you giving plenty of advanced notice? Creating a call to action? Using your social media platforms to continuously update supporters but still not seeing results? Don’t break into a cold sweat yet! A lag in donors contributing to your cause could be due to how trustworthy your nonprofit organization comes […]

{Infographic} How the Top 50 Nonprofits Do Social Media

Spreading the word about your nonprofit organization can be as easy as one, two, Tweet! It may be time to consider introducing a social media plan into your marketing campaign. By doing so, you could greatly enhance your donor outreach and increase your supporter engagement. Just ask some of the top Nonprofit Organizations and they’ll […]

{Infographic} The Nonprofit Website Handbook

How does your nonprofit website hold up with your supporters and donors? Would it appeal to your current supporters while also pulling in some fresh faces? Although it can be difficult to judge the website yourself, it can be highly beneficial to step back and view your nonprofit’s site from the perspective of someone else. After […]

{Infographic} Social Change and Nonprofits

Our planet is forever in a state of change. But how much of that change is positive? No need to consult your Magic 8 Ball on this one! Nonprofit organizations are well known for creating positive social changes worldwide. They continually provide people with the necessary resources and influence to promote favorable turning points. Surveys […]