{Infographic} How to Support a Nonprofit in Our Demanding World

It’s a brand spanking New Year and folks are making life changing resolutions left and right! Whether it’s a healthier diet or more exercise, people are using the new year to swing into a new lifestyle. But will it last? Studies show the majority of resolutions are broken by the third week of January. Now […]

Social Media Is Good News for NPO’s Limited Budget

Getting the word out, building awareness and raising money can be costly ventures that add up quick.  For Non Profits, looking for economical ways to implement those actions is an ongoing challenge.  Social Media might be the answer you’re looking for. Social Media and what it can do is Good News for NPO’s.  When used […]

{Infographic} Non Profits and Benchmarks Study

Running an online marketing or awareness campaign can be a fruitless attempt if you don’t know where to set the bar- otherwise known as Benchmarks.  Just like everyone else,  nonprofits have to be aware of attainable benchmarks. It’s important to have realistic expectations in order to know if the goals you set are going to be […]

{Infographic} Social Media Monitoring Tools

We all know it’s a wise use of resources to use Social Media as a way to promote and market your business and offerings and build relationships with your client base.  But how much do we all know about using Social Media Monitoring Tools to track what’s working and what’s not? Social Media Monitoring Tools […]