{Infographic} Nonprofit Communication Trends 2013

Isn’t this time of year magical? The smell of sunscreen in the air, the comfortably warm evenings, your next door neighbor sunning in just his cowboy hat and boxer shorts… Maybe that’s just a Texas thing. Since we’re about mid-thigh deep into 2013, it’s time we have THE talk. You know, the one about goals. […]

{Infographic} A Nonprofit Advocacy Campaign Checklist

What’s the best way to rally support for your nonprofit organization? Planes flying banners through the air? Your mission painted on the side of a blimp? ‘Fraid not! There’s a much simpler way to draw supporters and donors alike to your organization. We can sum it up in four words: Social Media Advocacy Campaign. Like […]

Nonprofit and the All-Powerful Blog

At the heart of every great website is its content. For years now, blogs have become the central location on websites where the voice of the website’s owners can be heart. Some write a few paragraphs. Others write several pages. Some post photos. No matter the medium, these are all expressions of the writer’s knowledge […]