{Video} What You Pay For When Outsourcing Your Online Marketing

I want to talk to you today about what you really pay for when you outsource your online marketing, content creation, SEO, whatever. Everyone we talk to is looking for guaranteed return on their investment. This is understandable. Anytime you are making a sizable investment of a financial nature in your business, the thing you […]

How to Add a “Like for Gift” Tab to Your Facebook Page

With all the brand spankin’ new additions Facebook has released, it would be a crime for businesses and nonprofit organizations to NOT have a Facebook account. With the addition of paid advertisements based on your budget, the updated Facebook layout, and new app choices, it’s easier to attract fresh meat to you page. Speaking of […]

{Video} Room for Nonprofits

There are some places that have an indescribably special vibe to them. Does the architecture have something to do with it? Sometimes. However, the difference really lies in the group of people within. Rodgers & Associates are a fantastic example of an exceptionally unique group whose vision is to give back to the community while […]

{Video} Harrisburg Young Professionals Nonprofit Organization

Dream big. People dream of starting their own businesses every day. They work hard to make it happen and take necessary risks along the way. From an outsiders perspective, the whole experience can seem extremely daunting. So why do we continue to take the plunge? We do it because we believe we can offer others […]