{Video} The Value of a Higher Education

During our childhood, we considered our future employment options from the get-go. Don’t believe us? Looking at your own children or thinking back to your own childhood, you probably nursed dreams of becoming a mighty wizard or a cowboy-astronaut-lizard farmer. As our children grow older, we start noticing these dreams become less fictitious and more […]

{Infographic} How Universities are Spending Your Tuition Money

Tuition (too-ish-uhn) n. : A dreaded term capable of producing shivers up even the most courageous parent’s/student’s spine; also known as the ‘Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Spoken’ In recent years, a lack of government subsidy to our higher education institutions have forced schools to compensate by upping tuition costs. Rising costs inevitably lead to the question “Where exactly is […]