{Infographic} The State of Online Giving

Quick! Name your top three all time favorite parts of the holiday season. How close is your list to mine? 1. Giving an annual gift to a cause you’re passionate about 2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 3. Grandma’s Rum Cookies topped off with some warm cinnamon Schnapps icing. And more rum. Ahem…. Let’s tackle number […]

The Nonprofit Scoop: Google Grants (Part 1)

When you think of nonprofits, which organizations leap to the forefront of your mind? Did you think of big name organizations like The American Red Cross or St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital? What if you’re part of an up-and-coming organization with humongous dreams and colossal goals? How are you reaching out to others and making […]

{Infographic} Google for Nonprofits Grant

Acquiring advertising funds for your nonprofit organization may seem impossible. It may even feel as impossible as spreading chunky peanut butter with a sponge. Don’t let yourself feel discouraged. There may be certain avenues you haven’t checked into. We’ve discussed some of the ways Google can help your organization in the past. What else can Google […]