How to Set Up LinkedIn Ads for Nonprofits

If your organization is looking to promote a website, landing page or an official LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn ads for nonprofits allow for specific targeting that goes beyond what other social advertising platforms offer. While Facebook is excellent for reaching people based on interests, LinkedIn goes beyond just likes allowing for ads to be targeted to […]

Internet Tips for Nonprofits: Understanding PageRank

There’s a large amount of mystery surrounding Google’s “PageRank.” If you’ve even a fleeting experience with search engine optimization (SEO), you’ve most likely heard of it. Business and organizations do everything they can to seek out enough “Google juice” to bump their PageRank by a single digit. But you’re probably curious about why it matters […]

{Infographic} Google for Nonprofits Grant

Acquiring advertising funds for your nonprofit organization may seem impossible. It may even feel as impossible as spreading chunky peanut butter with a sponge. Don’t let yourself feel discouraged. There may be certain avenues you haven’t checked into. We’ve discussed some of the ways Google can help your organization in the past. What else can Google […]

Google+ Secrets for Non-profits

2013 is not only the year of the snake, it’s also the year of social media.Non-profit organizations have taken to utilizing social media sites for calling attention to their mission and how others can contribute to their cause. While Facebook is still # 1 on the social media spectrum, people are finding Google+ to be […]