Nonprofit Social Media Series: Automation, Tracking, & the Future

Getting feedback on your efforts allows you to see what’s working. Seeing areas of strength and weakness allows nonprofits to adjust their approach to keep attracting donors and volunteers, without wasting energy on areas that simply do not work. Before putting any online marketing plan into action, it is absolutely essential to put the following […]

Google Plus for Business Is Still Worth Your time

Since launching last year, Google Plus never really became the Facebook killer it was supposed to be. Instead, Google Plus offered a ton of great features that a lot of people overlooked, and Google Plus for business offers some huge potential for SEM and social media marketing. Check out these reasons what Google Plus can […]

How to Get iPhone and iPad Apps Ranked in Google

              All the recent algorithm changes with Google have overshadowed a new, and very cool, update. You may have noticed it when you were searching around for some popular brands including Groupon, Amazon, and eBay. It looks like this:                 Mobile Apps […]

Social Media “Cool Kids”: Google+ and Pinterest

Recently two new big shots are making themselves known on the Social Networking playground: Google+ and Pinterest. With every new Social Network that launches, it’s like another invitation to a big party and frankly, it can easily become overwhelming to try to keep up with a social calendar with all those options. When you’re using […]