{Infographic} Higher Education and the Interwebs: A Love Story

Teachers around the globe are settling into swanky digital offices and their door is literally always open. How is this possible you ask? Social media! Social media is progressively becoming the new norm within the higher education realm. By creating a public social media account on Facebook, a handful of teachers are making themselves available […]

How to Get iPhone and iPad Apps Ranked in Google

              All the recent algorithm changes with Google have overshadowed a new, and very cool, update. You may have noticed it when you were searching around for some popular brands including Groupon, Amazon, and eBay. It looks like this:                 Mobile Apps […]

Blogging for Small Business Owners – Get on the “Diet”

Many small businesses are shifting their marketing efforts to Twitter or Facebook, but blogging for small business is crucial to getting top rankings. We understand that can be tough – which is why you need to get on a blogging “diet” and stick to it.

Twitter is BIG! How Big is Big?

If you printed Twitter: • It would cover 350 MILLION sheets of paper which is 37X more the number of pages used in Bills introduced to US Congress since 1955. If you printed Twitter: • The paper would weigh 3.5 MILLION pounds- the equivalent of 82 school buses loaded with 84 kids If you printed […]