{Infographic} A Case Study in Social Media Demographics

Face it: At some point or another, you’ve fallen under the spell of a social media site and the only word to describe your insatiable need to check your profile every 10 seconds could only be described as “discernibly smitten.” When creating a social media marketing campaign, it’s best to ask yourself “Who am I trying to […]

How to Set Up LinkedIn Ads for Nonprofits

If your organization is looking to promote a website, landing page or an official LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn ads for nonprofits allow for specific targeting that goes beyond what other social advertising platforms offer. While Facebook is excellent for reaching people based on interests, LinkedIn goes beyond just likes allowing for ads to be targeted to […]

Day 5 Nonprofit Social Media Series: LinkedIn

While the traditional methods of gaining volunteers and donations have their place, LinkedIn expands the number of viable options for nonprofit organizations, bringing it into the digital age. It provides an environment where a nonprofit can establish itself as an expert within its field. Connections can be made with businesses, other nonprofits, and donors that […]

Part 2: How to Track Links and URLs with Social Media

Now that you know how to create URLs that can be tracked and measured, let’s get into a little more about how you can use them, and ways to streamline the process. I use links for every single thing that we post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also in email newsletters.  The majority of […]