{Infographic} The Higher Ed Outreach Conundrum: Digital vs Traditional

As a higher education institution, we know you have it rough when it comes to fully embracing the internet. Do you finally release your white-knuckled grip on traditional communication methods, such as printed newsletters and magazines, to take full advantage of social media and email? Or can you find a way to please everyone? If […]

Making the Donor Funnel Work for Your Nonprofit

Donations are absolutely critical for almost all nonprofit organizations. Whether large or small, every bit helps; these dollars go towards ensuring your nonprofit can provide essential services for clients, and for the furthering of causes. But to invite donations, there’s more to it than placing a “Donate via PayPal” button on your website. There’s nothing […]

Internet Tips for Nonprofits: Understanding PageRank

There’s a large amount of mystery surrounding Google’s “PageRank.” If you’ve even a fleeting experience with search engine optimization (SEO), you’ve most likely heard of it. Business and organizations do everything they can to seek out enough “Google juice” to bump their PageRank by a single digit. But you’re probably curious about why it matters […]

Nonprofit Social Media Series: Automation, Tracking, & the Future

Getting feedback on your efforts allows you to see what’s working. Seeing areas of strength and weakness allows nonprofits to adjust their approach to keep attracting donors and volunteers, without wasting energy on areas that simply do not work. Before putting any online marketing plan into action, it is absolutely essential to put the following […]