{Infographic} Storytelling With Social Media: One Frame at a Time

All nonprofits are superheroes. And every superhero has a story. Although your story may lack the extremely durable cape, it possesses elements identical to those found in superhero comics: the same burning desire to save, preserve, or call attention to a cause you and your team are passionate about. But what else does a nonprofit […]

Google+ Secrets for Non-profits

2013 is not only the year of the snake, it’s also the year of social media.Non-profit organizations have taken to utilizing social media sites for calling attention to their mission and how others can contribute to their cause. While Facebook is still # 1 on the social media spectrum, people are finding Google+ to be […]

Nonprofit and the All-Powerful Blog

At the heart of every great website is its content. For years now, blogs have become the central location on websites where the voice of the website’s owners can be heart. Some write a few paragraphs. Others write several pages. Some post photos. No matter the medium, these are all expressions of the writer’s knowledge […]