{Infographic} Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Market Online?

Somewhere – at this very moment – a nonprofit has come to the conclusion they’ve hit a wall by only locally marketing their organization. Hell, YOU could be that very organization. Doesn’t matter who it is. What matters is what road you choose to take from here: the next exit or the expressway to a […]

The Nonprofit Scoop: Google Grants (Part 2)

Did Part One of our The Nonprofit Dish: Google Grants series convince you to check into Google Grants for your nonprofit organization? Or do you need more info to seal the deal? Either way, we’ve compiled a list of numerous tips meant to save you research time and demonstrate how to fully utilize your Google Grants account. […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Email Appeals Out of the Spam Folder

The rumors are true: Online giving is at an all-time high. Studies show the amount of donations made online have progressively increased over the years, including an 11% growth in 2012. Several factors could account for the ongoing rise in online donations; however, a big one nonprofits can’t afford to dismiss is the power of […]

{Video} Art Road Nonprofit

Our current economic situation isn’t only affecting the job market. Schools across the country are having to cut costs where they can. Unfortunately for some schools, this means putting the kibosh on art programs. Many who see this as a viable option pose the question “What does art have to do with children’s development?” Here […]