Link Building Strategies for 2013: Make Your Website “Link-Worthy”

With Google’s latest Panda and Penguin updates, old school link building techniques are quickly becoming a thing of the past. In Google’s eyes today, a few high-quality, relevant links are vastly more valuable than a large number of low-quality links that have nothing to do with your site’s content. Because of these changes, getting quality […]

[Infographic] Spiff Up Your Website Content With Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets: Get your Website Content SEEN. Bringing up search results that pull your audience towards you can sometimes be a tough nut to crack.  Rich snippets are designed to summarize the content of your web pages in a way that makes it clear for users to understand what they’re looking at in search results […]

Understanding Google Panda and Search Engine Methods

What Non-Profits Need to Know about Google Panda and Other Search Engine Changes That Affect SEO There are some do’s and don’ts Google Panda and other Search Engines have in place that can make or break how your online content shows up in the rankings.  Search engine optimization is key for anyone wanting a strong […]

How to Get iPhone and iPad Apps Ranked in Google

              All the recent algorithm changes with Google have overshadowed a new, and very cool, update. You may have noticed it when you were searching around for some popular brands including Groupon, Amazon, and eBay. It looks like this:                 Mobile Apps […]