Day 4 Nonprofit Social Media Series: Twitter & Pinterest

Have you heard of the American Cancer Society? We know you have! But did you know they’re on Twitter and have 327,039 followers? The Red Cross, an organization always ready to lend a helping hand, is also on Twitter with 837,886 followers! Pinterest offers a similar result for nonprofit organizations. Just ask Amnesty International USA, Operation Smile, and Charity: […]

A Nonprofit’s Intro to the Social Media Process

 The social media process is a multifaceted one. Forming a social media campaign for your nonprofit organization is similar to building a complex machine, not in how difficult it is, but in how many moving parts it contains. If you’re just now taking advantage of what social media can do for you, you’re not alone. […]

The Best Social Media Sites for Nonprofits

Whether your nonprofit is just squeaking by with a very modest budget or has thousands of dollars at its disposal, social media and charitable organizations were made for each other. Attracting, engaging, and moving people to action are critical for nonprofits and their mission to make a tangible difference in society. With social media, the […]

How Non-profits Can Build a Successful Twitter Campaign

Twitter’s continued growth to 450 million users and counting has reinforced its place as a corner stone of sound social media strategy.  Twitter is by far social’s simplest platform, with hardly any learning curve in terms of use.  Designing a successful Twitter campaign for your non-profit, however, will take a bit more thought and deliberation.