Don’t Have a Creepy Brand, Use Social Media Tools

Today I read this great article from Rob Clark called How to Engage without Stalking and Converse without Creepiness and it really rang true since I had an experience today that was so relevant: Earlier, I had a brief conversation on Twitter with the Product Manager for Camtasia Studio, Troy Stein. He sent me a […]

Part 2: How to Track Links and URLs with Social Media

Now that you know how to create URLs that can be tracked and measured, let’s get into a little more about how you can use them, and ways to streamline the process. I use links for every single thing that we post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also in email newsletters.  The majority of […]

Part 1: How to Track Links and URLs with Social Media

There is a lot of talk about the ROI of social media. This is a tough thing to judge- no one will argue that point. But there are things that you can do to ensure that you’re recognizing if your efforts are having any kind of positive effect. I get asked about this a lot so I’m going to do 2-part guide that hopefully you’ll find useful.