{Video} What You Pay For When Outsourcing Your Online Marketing

I want to talk to you today about what you really pay for when you outsource your online marketing, content creation, SEO, whatever. Everyone we talk to is looking for guaranteed return on their investment. This is understandable. Anytime you are making a sizable investment of a financial nature in your business, the thing you […]

{Infographic} Nonprofit Donation Motivations

Did you know there’s a formula to successfully bonding with your nonprofit’s donors? Time + Effort + Grape Jelly + Engagement + Glitter = Pure donor lovin’ As we’ve previously mentioned, you have to nurture your donors (and your leads) by engaging them via social media or email. It’s not like bonding with your cat, […]

{Infographic} A Nonprofit Advocacy Campaign Checklist

What’s the best way to rally support for your nonprofit organization? Planes flying banners through the air? Your mission painted on the side of a blimp? ‘Fraid not! There’s a much simpler way to draw supporters and donors alike to your organization. We can sum it up in four words: Social Media Advocacy Campaign. Like […]

{Infographic} 6 Ways Nonprofits Can Increase Their Fundraising Efforts

When you hold fundraisers, are you giving plenty of advanced notice? Creating a call to action? Using your social media platforms to continuously update supporters but still not seeing results? Don’t break into a cold sweat yet! A lag in donors contributing to your cause could be due to how trustworthy your nonprofit organization comes […]