{Infographic} Storytelling With Social Media: One Frame at a Time

All nonprofits are superheroes. And every superhero has a story. Although your story may lack the extremely durable cape, it possesses elements identical to those found in superhero comics: the same burning desire to save, preserve, or call attention to a cause you and your team are passionate about. But what else does a nonprofit […]

{Video} One Day on Earth – 12.12.12

If your day is anything like that of internet meme sensation Grumpy Cat, it’s probably filled with finding the warmest patch of sunlight on the floor, nurturing your love/hate relationship with life, and feeling humiliated by the array of goofy hats your owner adorns you with before snapping some adorable photos. Including Grumpy Cat, many […]

{Infographic} A Nonprofit Advocacy Campaign Checklist

What’s the best way to rally support for your nonprofit organization? Planes flying banners through the air? Your mission painted on the side of a blimp? ‘Fraid not! There’s a much simpler way to draw supporters and donors alike to your organization. We can sum it up in four words: Social Media Advocacy Campaign. Like […]

How Can Nonprofits Raise Cause Awareness Through Social Media

Getting the message out for your nonprofit takes strategy, measurement, and keen analysis of how each type of effort is performing (or not).  Traditional methods of outreach such as printed mailers, telemarketing, and TV or radio spots may still be used in some instances.  The social media revolution, however, has turned everything about traditional outreach […]